Alienation destroying children

Today there is yet another report about children, it makes for difficult reading.

Children at risk as a result of adult behaviour.

When will we, as a society take responsibility, when will organisations such as the NSPCC stand up and admit that many  thousands of children are suffering in this way as a direct result of family breakdown, in all its forms.

There are many people working towards protecting children, many people working for the rights of children and yet, the connection of being separated from family members is not addressed.

We know that we have some of the most unhappy children in this country.

Children find themselves in turmoil when parents separate or when family members become alienated from one another. They become prisoners in their own home.

They live within walls of hatred.

One adult who they look up to, is preventing them  from having any contact with someone they love. Children  are uprooted from school, from friends, from their home.

They have to decide who they want to live with. Not a choice any child should have to make.

Any dialogue they hear is negative about an absent parent, or grandparent.

They are lied to on a daily basis, they lose their security that every child is entitled to.

The very people they have loved and relied on suddenly disappear from their lives.

Children believe they are not loved and cared about.

Parental/Grandparental Alienation is child abuse.

The emotional harm it does to children is enormous, self-harm is on the increase, the mental health of our young people is the worse it has ever been.

Children might display disruptive behaviour at school, or become school phobic, or turn to drugs/alcohol,  the silent cry for help gets ignored.

This damage won’t just go away, it is a clear result of being let down by those who should be their for them.

It is life long damage.

It is everyones responsibility to stop this evil behaviour now.

If you know someone who is damaging a child in this way, stand up for those children, don’t get taken in by the plausible alienator.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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