Just meeting up and sharing your stories is really helpful, it doesn’t have to be intimidating or arduous just a matter of maybe going to a café and having a cuppa together. You can make the difference by giving your support, you are the experts.  Contact Us if emails are not shown. Please note that all groups are independent, these contacts are for grandparents who are seeking support, not for any marketing purposes.

You can see where groups are based on the Map below or scroll down to find the details.


07773258270 https://bristolgrandparentssupportgroup.co.uk/ In person meetings and zoom meetings.


In person meetings.


Telephone Support


Telephone Support

Hendon (London)

Zoom meetings only.


http://grandparentsapart.co.uk Glasgow (Please note the law in Scotland is different from England and Wales)

Leigh-On-Sea (Parents of Estranged Adult Children)

07963 472633 https://www.peac.org.uk In person support meetings.

The Wolds Grandparent Support Group (East Yorkshire)

07594505087 In person meetings.

Berkshire Grandparents Support Group


Launceston Grandparents Support Group

01566777375 In person meetings.

Sutton & Lichfield Estranged Grandparents Support Group


Grandparents Support Cymru

07584 484465

Northumberland Grandparents Support Group

07919806032 Telephone and in person support group meetings.


Zoom meetings