Children afraid and lonely.

Over 1,000 children contacted the charity helpline childline on Christmas Day.

What on earth are we doing to the children?

For a child to pick up the phone because they are feeling scared of their parents because they are drunk or are using drugs, or because they are sad and lonely, or because of family fights ect is unforgivable.

As parents your responsibility is for your children, you are the adult, the people who are supposed to care and protect your children, putting them first over everything else.

When you become a parent your life changes forever, you can no longer think just about you and your wants, you have brought a new human being into the world and they look to you for love, care and safety. Not to observe you getting drunk or drugged into oblivion.

As I get older, I despair.

There is no doubt that being a parent is the hardest job in the world, and there are no books that tell you how to do it, we learn on the job. Hopefully learning from our mistakes but in no way putting children at harm in the process.

It is true to say that in previous generations  families supported and helped each other, new Mums and Dads asking grandparents and extended family members for advice, not always taking it of course, but nevertheless, listening to the generation that had already brought children up and respecting their views.

Now is very different.

Families are fragmented, we have an epidemic of family breakdown, we have adult children being abusive towards other family members,  society itself is in free fall.

It is now perfectly acceptable to teach children that their family doesn’t matter,  that they don’t need Dad/Mum, that grandparents are evil and hateful.

How have we reached such depths?

Children are the future, we have had our time, but what role models have they had, how will they behave when they are parents themselves, my only hope is that because of the fear their own parents are inflicting on them their desire will be to make sure they never disregard their children as their parents are disregarding them.


When I get grandparents saying to me, “I don’t even know if my grandchildren are safe,” the fact that 1,000 children rang a charity helpline for help just proves that, no, we don’t know if they are safe.

So if you are a parent suffering today with the hangover from hell, maybe your child was one of those 1,000 children?

Remember that your children are only on loan to you, they are not your possessions, you do not own them. One day they will ask you where were you when they needed you, and turn their backs on you.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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