What is confidentiality?

The principle of confidentiality is about privacy and respecting someone’s wishes.

As group leaders we should never share details of our members, without specific permission to do so. Not only group leaders but members of groups should also not share information or personal stories in regard to other members.

Support groups, be that face to face, (when allowed) or in virtual meetings, on group pages on Facebook and all social media platforms, it is vital that everyone is aware of confidentiality.

Everyone needs to have a safe place where they can share the most personal emotions and stories.

I know how important confidentiality is, I had a confidence breached a few years ago, by someone who went on to share the information to others, it could have had catastrophic consequences for me and my family, fortunately it didn’t.

As group leaders we must make it clear to everyone how important that anything that is said at a meeting, must stay within that group setting.

All group leaders that I know, are brilliant at what they do, and I know they constantly discuss confidentiality. What we can’t control is what members say outside the groups.

Confidentiality builds trust, it is a foundation to enable a trusting relationship between members of the support groups.

Support groups are an integral part in helping grandparents to see they are not alone and that we understand, because we have all been there.

Once people know what they say will be confidential, they will then trust you.

If you are an estranged grandparent who is denied contact with your grandchild, please be assured that any conversation you have with BGSG will always be confidential.







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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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