In my granddaughters’ name.

Those of us who find themselves estranged from our grandchildren know all of the different emotions that you go through despair, sadness,bewilderment, anger and bereavement. I am sure that those reading this will have their own emotion to add to the list.

Of course with all of those negative feelings enveloping us it is so easy to go under, to give up.

Those three words can be three words that cause grandparents to shout out loud, “I will never give up.”

We all interpret the written words in our own way, as I know only too well!

It is not giving up in the real sense of those three words but more  a place you find yourself in as you move along this journey. As individuals we can’t go on with the blame, the if’s and buts, it gets us nowhere.

It is now well over seven years since I last had any contact with my granddaughter, and I have reached a place of acceptance. That absolutely doesn’t mean that I have ‘given up,’ just that physically and mentally I couldn’t go on feeling so low, actually I have always believed that I owe it to my granddaughter to rise above it all and to put something back not to keep pulling my family apart, witnessing my despair.

I love my granddaughter more than I can possibly put into words, and I miss her every single day of my life, and I also live in the hope that one day she will return to our family. Our door is always open wide for her, we are just waiting.

That day,when she returns will be a time for reconciliation for understanding and to letting go.

Letting go of what has been before, the past. The past must be left in the past, we can do nothing about that it is the here and now and future that matters.

Grandparents who are reunited with their grandchildren work hard to build bridges, whatever our personal view of other members of the family are irrelevant, our grandchildren love us all, they must not be embroiled in adult conflict.

It is for my granddaughter that I set up Bristol Grandparents Support Group, and for her that I continue to raise awareness for the rights of children to a loving and caring relationship with both their parents and their wider family, and to make authorities listen properly to the voice of children.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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