Grandparent Alienation Awareness Day

In the USA June 14th marks Grandparent Alienation Awareness Day, and although it is not marked here in the UK, I was asked what we were doing this year to support.

I have asked some grandparents for messages that they would like to have included in this blog to their grandchildren, those that have included the names of their grandchildren asked specifically to have the names included.

You can not be anything but moved by the sentiments written here, they are written with love.

To our beloved grandchildren  (aged 9 and 12 years.)
We know how lucky we are to be able to share 3 hours a month with you when we have such a lovely time but we all feel that it is not enough.
Many times you have told us that you want to see us every day and come back to our home where everything is waiting for you.
Grandpa and Granny say our prayers every day for this to happen  and you too must always have hope.
As we have told you many, many times before you know that WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.


Love & miss you very much Eloise 10 years has been like a life sentence . Love you Peter & would love to meet you . Grandad & I hope one day we will be in your lives and get to give you hugs and listen to your stories. Wishing you both a healthy & happy life & we wish you many happy adventures along the way love & hugs Gran & Grandad xx


My darling N, M and C,
l think of you every single day and hold you in my heart until the day I can hold you again in my arms. Know that I love you too dearly and always will. Love cuddles, hugs and kisses Nana XXX


Darling Luke and Scarlett, your Nanny Gill and Popa Bob, think about you both every day and will never stop loving you and hoping and praying that you will get in touch with All your family when you are old enough to choose for yourselves. We will All be here waiting xxx


Miss you both so much. Never a day goes by without us thinking of you. We talk to you everyday and tell you how much we still love you. Hopefully one day you will come and find us and we can give you lots of love and hugs. Xxt


My dearest Nicholas,

It has been 942 days (yes I am counting because these have been some of the most difficult days of our lives) since we spent the day with you as we did weekly prior to that from the day you were born. Our precious first born and only grandson you were from the day you were born the light of our lives. I am so thankful for all the pictures and videos we took so that we can see your beautiful face and hear your sweet voice. I am so thankful for the few social media posts from your aunt (who hasn’t blocked us), from your school and from your soccer team so that we can see how your growing, experiencing life and becoming a young man. I am so thankful for all the support groups, webinars and friends experiencing the same devastating heartache that I have come to know who help me to try to understand this most difficult time. I am thankful for the helpful suggestions I’ve received to keep a journal for you for when we see each other again, to start an account for you so that we can recognize every holiday and know we never ever forgot your special days not even once. But most of all I am thankful that God blessed me with a beautiful sweet angel of a grandson and even though I don’t see you everyday you are ALWAYS in my thoughts, my heart and my prayers. You will always be my first grandchild and that is something that can never be taken from me. I love you my precious Nicholas to the moon and back.

Love, Mama Lisa xoxo


My Beautiful Sweet Ellabelle, Emme and Lukas ,

I love you and miss you babies so much!!

It is has been 9 months and 26 days since I have seen your sweet faces..,  there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry I pray that I am allowed to see you again ,  I want you babies to know how much gam-gam and voû-voû miss you!!..I will never be the same until I see you again.. I pray you remember how much I love you and all our happy times together I pray that you never forget me!!.. my heart is broken., My sweet babies please just know I see you all the time in my dreams ., I pray 🙏🏼 that life is kind to you and all my prayers continue to Bless and keep you safe until I see you again ., you babies are always in my heart , my thoughts , my prayers and my soul!! Gam-gam loves you from the top of the moon to the bottom of the deep blue sea where the mermaids live!!

I love you 😘 4ever..

Love always, Gam-gam and Voû-Voû



Wherever you are, whatever you are doing I hope you are safe and happy and that you are following your dreams. As you grow up make a difference in this life, be kind and know we are always here for you.

To my beautiful grandsons J&F, you are always in my thoughts and I will never forget you. All our love from Nana and Poppa xxxx
I’m sending all my love to you both even though you will not know me.
I think of you many times every single day and wonder how you are and what you are doing.
I wonder how school is for you and hope that your exams are over for this year.
I wonder who you look like, perhaps you look like your Grandpa ( Taid ) in Welsh.
Wherever you are ,whatever you are doing, I will always love you and your Mum and Dad.
Sending big hugs and kisses to you all,
Grandma or Nain.


A grandparent who loves her grandchild
Just wanting to hold them in her arms
Just to receive that special card made with love: To Grandma, all my love.
A grandparent confused, engulfed with grief, The pain unending sees no future
No future without her grandchild.
A grandparent sobs, tears stream down her face How has this happened?
Made to feel like a criminal in a court of law Banished from her grandchild’s life.
A grandchild, worries about Grandma,
Why does she not visit any more?
It’s her birthday, why can’t I make her a card? She may not be here, but she is in my heart.
If I close my eyes tight, I can see her face,
I can feel her hug me
I can smell her warmth
I shall never forget; I will see her again.

This poem is from our ‘Never Forgotten’ poetry book, poems written by estranged grandparents, click  here.

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