Hurtling towards Christmas.



So here we are December 1st and the Christmas stuff is everywhere you look, on every advert you see, as I have said many times before, the reality for many hundreds of thousands of people Christmas is not that happy family all sitting around the table, smiling, laughing and having a ‘jolly’ good time.

This time of the year is particularly difficult for so many.

Our streets are full of homeless people sleeping under the stars in freezing conditions, many children will not be sharing Christmas with both parents, whom they love, many will be facing another year of isolation and loneliness.

Of course all of these people are living those circumstances every single day of their lives not just at Christmas, and yet we focus on it more at this time.

Children all over the world will be building up their magical excitement for that special Christmas morning, they will no doubt be putting out a morsel or two for the reindeers and the man himself.

Amongst those children and young adults there are thousands who will be wishing for the most special present of all, to feel the arms of both Mum and Dad and Grandparents around them. To once again feel the love there is for them, love that has never diminished but has been kept from them.

I so often wonder if at any time at all, those who have been the alienators, ever actually think about the life long damage they have done to their children. In my more sensible moments I know that they never do think that way, they believe they are right. Have they ever listened to the children or answered the question that the little 6 year old asked his class mates.” Please can someone tell me how to tell my Mum that I want to see Granny and Grandad because I love them and I miss them.”

No I don’t imagine for one moment she has.

The Christmas story is always one of compassion, love and hope. Being grateful for what we do have, sharing our love with others and for thinking about our fellow human beings.

You will know that for many years now, we have put a Christmas Tree in our garden, ‘Our Tree of Hope,’ parents and grandparents who will not be seeing there precious people come and write messages and put them on the tree. It is a little beacon of light, and watching it fill up with messages of love is very moving.

Anyone can send me a message they would like to be added and I will put it on the tree for you.

Messages come from all over the world.

You can email me

Remember you are not alone, not just over Christmas but anytime of the year.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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