Prevention is better than cure

When we experience bad times in our lives we look for an established answer.

Many who find themselves in this destructive world of  unjustified estrangement, will rush to a system we believe will help us. We come from a generation of justice will prevail.

The Family Justice system we now know is not working and hasn’t worked for decades, and yet reform and changes rarely make a difference.

Organisations and groups right across the world have been trying to get the world to understand Parental and Grandparent Alienation, and yet it still is rife and destroying millions of children’s relationships with both their parents and extended family.

If a system is not working we need to look at prevention rather than cure.

There are those who use metaphors to explain,  in most  they all say the same, that we are faced with an issue, we all know the issue what we need is a solution.

This is my interpretation of just one metaphor. (Thanks to Nick Child.)

Cholera is an infectious disease, it can kill within hours, once someone is infected it can be dealt with with antibiotics  and water rehydration by many front-line workers. Myriads of medical professionals, ambulances etc all there to administer help and support.

We know that Cholera only happens in areas where there is no clean water system. Clean sanitation is the best prevention to this disease.

The solution, therefore is clear.

You work hard to make sure the world is aware of the problem and then find that prevention. Finding the solution is one to be celebrated by everyone.

Another metaphor is about a dangerous cliff.

People keep falling over a dangerous cliff, it happens over and over again. Ambulances are called repeatedly, it makes no sense to keep sending ambulances to the foot of the cliff, why not prevent it happening in the first place? A safety fence and a warning sign? There will of course still be those who will defy the warning, those who are suicidal, that is where education has to come in, and where helplines and mental health awareness is required.

This is a simple metaphor, but again makes the point that rather than emergency services prevention is always better. But many severe problems – family law cases, crime, the war on drugs – typically love vehicles with flashing lights as their solution.

You stop the problem upstream not downstream or when the disease has already infected millions.

If we accept as inevitable that all we can do is watch and wait while folks fall or get pushed in the dangerous river of family law – assisted by well meaning family lawyers – and waiting downstream to pull half-drowned bodies out after they’ve become PA cases (almost certainly shaped up or made worse if not largely caused by the river itself), then that’s all you’re going to get.

Unjustified estrangement has to be dealt with quickly, to prevent the enormous damage and often irretrievable damage to children.






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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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