Recognition of a great lady.

This week we celebrate the amazing Erin Pizzey, it is 50 years since she opened the first women’s refuge. A safe place for victims of Domestic Abuse, women and children flooded through the door in Chiswick.

As time went on, Erin realised that some of the women who were needing shelter were in fact as violent as the men they were accusing of DA.

Her outspoken and honest views got her into conflict with the feminist movement, she believed that the women’s movement was ‘anti-men.’

Erin speaks passionately, about the subject of which she has many years experience, she says that Domestic Abuse is a family issue and that men and women can be as violent as one another.

Domestic Abuse is not gender specific, and never was.

Erin continues to help all family members, as one of BGSG patrons she has given her words of wisdom on many occasions during our zoom support group meetings, and in our WhatsApp group and Fb page. Her words have helped so many estranged grandparents for which I am eternally grateful.

Although Erin continues to be extremely busy, she always is ready with a compassionate listening ear.

Women’s Aid refuse to acknowledge Erin as founder of the first safe place for victims of Domestic Abuse, Erin has never been recognised publicly for her sheer determination to provide a safe place, when there was nowhere for people to go.

On Saturday evening, there will be a celebration of this wonderful ladies life.

As founder of BGSG I shall pass on our thanks and love.

It is time for this lady to be recognised.

Erin Pizzey



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