The answer to all our dreams?

Last week I have no doubt that many parents/grandparents who are alienated from their children/grandchildren, thought that finally Parental Alienation was about to be a thing of the past.

Time to think about this more deeply.

From a stance of saying that Parental Alienation didn’t exist CAFCASS did a total turnaround and admitted PA was happening and it is time to address this issue.

So far so good.

Those of us involved in this vile situation, I hope realise that it is not as simple as sending ‘high conflict’ separation couples to whatever therapy CAFCASS decide.

What on earth does ‘high conflict’ mean anyway, certainly in our sons case there was no ‘high conflict’ just the other party deciding that all contact would stop. No conflict, just action.

So when we think about that, we have to wonder how this will work.

All of us, want what is the right thing for the children, for them to continue in having a loving and caring relationship with both parents and extended family.

It isn’t and never was about the adults.

It is true that many of us say, that there needs to be a consequence when a parent denies any contact, but how?

CAFCASS now say that if couples don’t agree after the ‘therapy/training’ then the child will be taken away from the parent who is causing the PA.


So here I am a child who is feeling sad, confused angry because I can’t see both my parents, whom I love, when I am told that because my parents can’t work together properly, I am going to be taken away from the parent I have been living with and will have to live with my other parent.

What is that doing to the children?

There are articles all over social media with different groups saying this and that, I have no idea who is right and who is wrong.

I have always said that when there is PA involved it is caused by an individual who is not well, I wrote to The Times saying just that.

No one who is healthy mentally would cause their children such distress.

The plus side is that Parental Alienation is now finally acknowledged, how we help the children is something else, and actually the most important thing.

Those that carry out PA need help as well, expert help in the field of PA.

We can’t sit back thinking everything is sorted now, because as I see it, it is far from sorted. It’s a small step at the beginning of a very long journey.





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