We must all take responsibility

This blog is not directly about estrangement, but is about our grandchildren and their future.

Every generation wants to leave the world a better place, than we found it, but our generation needs to make sure it is or the future for our grandchildren is a bleak future indeed.

I am talking about climate change.

For years and years we have been warned by scientists that we were heading for trouble, that we would be facing extreme weather conditions, shortages of food, pollution at catastrophic levels ect, but too many people didn’t believe it, and frankly still don’t.

Our planet is running out of resources and room.

Our generation have been the lucky ones, living in what appeared to be a world of plenty and endless resources. We took it all for granted, we just threw away things when we were fed up with them, we never thought about how our actions could be affecting our beautiful planet.

Easy come, easy go.

Households not only have one car but many have two or three, wood burning stoves are the thing to have now, modern chemicals are used daily in our homes, it is only now that scientists are telling us of the horrors we are producing and adding to. I can personally tell you when our road has got the woodturners going, as it effects my asthma.

Plastic is polluting our rivers and oceans as seen so clearly in recent documentaries.

We have all seen the extreme weather conditions across the world, flooding, landslides, tsunami, unprecedented storms, extreme temperatures will make some parts of the world almost uninhabitable.

What will the world be like for our grandchildren?

As a population we have been so greedy, never thinking of how our actions might be effecting our world.

We have lived in a ‘I’m alright Jack’ society for far too long.

Anything we wanted we just bought, we didn’t need it just wanted it.

It will be the generations to come that’ll pay the price for our greed.

Personally I am ashamed.

Sadly though people still don’t believe it. Reading the comments under the article written on the BBC website yesterday, it is horrifying the selfish, arrogant responses. When you read them or listen to peoples responses, you wonder how on earth we can start to try and heal the planets wounds.

What will we say to our grandchildren when they ask us why we let this happen?

Today I walked around Bristols’ historic harbour, with the replica of the Mathew taking children around the docks, people were out everywhere enjoying one of the most beautiful October days I can remember, and I felt so lucky and blessed.

I want to leave this world for my grandchildren, with all of its beauty and a human race that really care about one another and this amazing planet we all live on.

Each of us need to do anything and everything we can to preserve this wonderful world we live in, start giving back and not taking.

Mother nature will go on with or without us, but for our grandchildren we need to do more.

It is in our hands.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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