Up,up and away.

I am so privileged to hear and share the most personal stories from so many people.

We share our tears and we share our joy.

Many grandparents I have known for nearly 9 years, others I am just beginning to get to know, each one unique, each one going through their own difficulties but fighting hard to rise above it.

I have asked one grandparent if I can share something with you.

Those of you who keep up to date with my blogs will know that last week, we organised a Christmas lunch for some members of the support group, it was a special day, everyone just enjoying each others company and allowing themselves time to laugh and have fun, something that is very hard for people who are so burdened with such sadness.

It was a very special day apart from our lunch, it was the 1st birthday of a grandson of members of the group.

As we all chatted away, I was continually conscious of the blue balloon bobbing up and down at the end of our table and what it symbolised.

A precious little boy would not be able to see the love in his grandparents eyes, or the longing to hold him in their arms, but I saw it and knew exactly how they felt.

The grandparents slipped away quietly with their beautiful balloon, and I watched through the window as they came together and cut the ribbon and that symbol floated high up into the sky, carrying with it a rainbow of emotions. Two people with only one wish,to see their grandson.

It was a very private and personal moment, but the balloon carried with it the love of many.

On the ribbon of the balloon was a message to ask if anyone found it could they email the grandparents.

Over the weekend, they received an email from the person who had picked it up, and it had flown all the way to Germany, miles and miles carrying that message.

What an amazing adventure it must have had.

Can you imagine the story to be told to that grandson in the future?

Just a balloon, but the love of those who let it go, the love from those who were there and the care of the person who took the time to read the message and to respond, is beyond words.

In all of the pain and hurt that little balloon will be remembered for a very long time.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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