False allegations ruin lives.

How many of us were brought up to believe justice will  prevail? And that you are innocent until proven guilty.

It is somewhat different within the Family Law court.

Every day many parents and grandparents face the most horrendous false accusations, most have never had an experience  of the law and suddenly they are facing the most devastating life changing time.

For any loving parent or grandparent to be falsely accused of  harming children or grandchildren, children and grandchildren that they love, can have fatal consequences.

False allegations can be made with no evidence.

Allegations are easy to make, refuting them is virtually impossible.

The relevant test – when considering disputed evidence – is a balance of probabilities; what is more likely, than not.

That is such a grey area.

There are many high profile people who have been falsely accused, but thousands more who are not high  profile. Just  ordinary men and women trying  to give their child/grandchild  loving caring relationships, but being denied contact, and  then facing these false allegations.

For some who go through this inhuman process it is too much to bear and they sadly end their lives as a  result.

Make no mistake, false allegations ruin lives.

I have purposely put the word false in bold, to stress that if an allegation is proven to be true then that is a very different thing altogether. The important word is proven.

Parents and grandparents have to sit in  court listening to lies and allegations and have no way of responding.

Although this is not gender specific, many women accuse men, because of the #Metoo and other campaigns such as this, women will always be believed.

Our society has become so frightened of questioning women, the radical feminists have successfully won everyone over.

The next time you see a headline of yet another male celeb accused of inappropriate behaviour, don’t become the judge, read between the lines and question.

For those who are found to have made false accusations, if they ever are, must face consequences.

In a criminal court under oath you would face a perjury charge.

Under Family Law that is clearly not the case, it is another reason to say that court is not the place to  deal with family breakdown, it is not fit  for purpose.

Families need help and support at he first signs of things going wrong, to ensure we have healthy and happy families.





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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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