More of the same.

Many of you will have sat through the uncomfortable programme on Channel 4 this week, ‘Torn Apart,’  and it was uncomfortable, and very distressing.

The furore since it aired has been explosive on social media, anyone who is anyone has a view, it is true to say that it was very gender biased, as it always is, there was very little about Parental Alienation. (There’s that phrase that I keep telling  myself to stop using.)

After 14 years of  finding myself hurtling down the family separation, family law, and all that goes with it, spiral. I have honestly heard it all before.

So, if we keep hearing the same old thing, year, after year, it is time to think again.

At present children are continually suffering, parents and wider family are suffering, we know the system doesn’t work, the pain just keeps growing.

With most things  if we have tried unsuccessfully a certain direction, we change direction.

I have written carefully in previous blogs about this, maybe the time has come to stop writing about it delicately, I await  to have my head well and truly blown off.

So here it is.

We have a Family law situation that has failed millions of families for far too long, it is not good enough to say courts act in the child’s best interest, when we know that isn’t the case. In time immemorial children love both their parents they want to be part of a loving and caring family, no ifs or buts.

The moment families go anywhere near a family court, the damage has already been done, carnage will inevitably ensue.

We  have to have a system in place where agencies stand ready and waiting to catch families before they fall. A supporting system not a system hell bent on destroying families.

Education is key.

Although within schools PHSE is taught,  I used to teach it, relationships are covered but not in any way, in the depth required.

Children need to understand that sometimes things go wrong in relationships, but that as adults they have a responsibility to any children they may have, to make sure they get the support required as soon as possible.

We can’t stop family breakdown but we can change the way it is dealt with, allowing children to have loving and caring relationships with all their family members.

The rhetoric has to change, all the debates, discussions, arguments, mud slinging is pointless, and for decades has failed.

We have to prevent this happening in the first  place.

“Prevention is better  than  cure.”

For sure millions across  the globe no only too well  that the ‘cure’  certainly doesn’t work,  so it is a no brainer, to prevent.

Just think if we could prevent the destruction that occurs within our family courts, we would not have this catastrophic situation.

We could give all children the wish they all want, to be a part of a loving and caring family.

A wish too far?

I don’t think so.






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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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