Further Isolation

Being an estranged/alienated grandparent is a very isolating place to be, and with lockdown version 2 it is adding to that isolation for so many people.

Speaking to grandparents over the last few months it has become clear that their mental health is suffering greatly.

Many who have found themselves in the unenviable position of being denied contact with their grandchildren, have found their own ways of dealing with their loss. Art classes, Drama, Book Clubs, Choirs have all played an enormous part in helping so many along the healing path.

Since March of course that all changed, it seemed overnight we all had to batten down the hatches and stay put, and the majority of people adhered to the rules, this time around it feels different.

Those activities that grandparents embrace are literally a life line too many. A reason to get up in the morning, a belonging to something that they so crave.

Lots of grandparents throw themselves into volunteering, the range of things you can volunteer for is limitless.

Each and everyone of us wants to feel needed, and volunteering is a great why to achieve that, you help others and by that selfless act they also help you.

For all of this to have stopped so abruptly, is brutal.

Grandparents who are now unable to access their wants and needs in this way, are feeling so low.

I know we all say,’ go and have a walk,’ which is true but not everyone is able to do that for a variety of reasons.

For those who are feeling so isolated, please don’t suffer in silence, pick up the phone to us or to anyone that you trust and can talk to.

Those who are able can join us in our zoom meetings, just seeing those faces is a huge lift.

Noe of us have ever experienced what we have had to deal with in 2020, so there is no one who can advise us, so we have to be the advisors, we need to write this new chapter of ‘How to survive a pandemic.’

And we will survive.

We will get out of this, we will be able to resume our meetings, our activities and our volunteering.

You are all still needed by so many.

This morning as I lay in bed thinking, to my surprise the birds started to chirp, and although we are used to hearing them in Spring to hear them on a dark dull November morning put a smile on my face. It was not the huge dawn chorus of Spring but just a gentle tweet to welcome the morning, to welcome me.

We need to listen more closely to these small but beautiful things around us, nature forgives everything and will always be there, however we abuse our planet, nature will be the constant.

Look after yourselves, and open your window and listen.




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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