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So it is nine months since I held our last face to face support group meeting, and I for one miss them terribly.

Seeing life-long friends and welcoming new grandparents is such a joy.

I know what a difference it makes to so many people right across the UK, and having meetings via the internet is absolutely not the same. That human connection of a hug, of holding a hand is so vital when we are offering support.

I must say that my heart sank when I heard the scientist talking about the vaccine say that we should be back to ‘normal’ this time next year!

Naively, I thought we would be able to hold meetings early next year, but hearing that I am not too sure.

I would never put vulnerable people at risk, and so will wait and see what the advice will be.

For those who use the internet it is at least a way to connect, and has been so important this year,  and we will of course continue to use Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter and any other method we can think of.

My concern is for those who don’t have a computer or desire to use technology, I feel they have fallen through the net.

If you know of any grandparents who are in this situation please do ask them to give us a call. Support over the phone is a way forward, I realise as I am writing this that those I am talking about wont actually read this! It is possible that you do have contact with those who are falling through the net, so please point them in the right direction.

To say 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement.

There is no doubt that during the shock of the first lockdown the whole country seemed to come together, we all looked after our community and we knuckled down and stuck to what we were being told. Many people I spoke to said that things would be different once we came out of this isolation,  I thought so too.

After all the. entire world. were being affected by something out of our control, something that felt quite scary and turned our own personal worlds upside down, surely we would be better people as a result and be much kinder?

The majority of people have held on to that view but sadly there are a minority of people who seem to have forgotten and have continued on their own way, disregarding anyone who might have a different view on estrangement/alienation.

Once again social media is flooded with vile and vicious tirades against people and organisations who are working so hard to raise awareness. of this horrible situation we find ourselves in. I will never ever understand why.

It is extraordinary.

I really wish that these people would just see what damage they cause, to the very thing we are all fighting for.  The rights of children and grandchildren, should not be a problem, we all want the same thing.

Don’t we?

I could write a list here of people and groups who spend their time writing on social media, they are abusive and try to defame really good people who are doing great things in raising awareness in a very professional way.

Many have been reported.

Once again this is not about me, but people that we are working alongside with, but those of you who have known me for a long time will know that I have also had my fair share of abusive behaviour, sadly sometimes from the very people we support.

Anyone who is moving forward with this work has to have an armour to protect themselves, because we all know that children are suffering every day from the abuse of alienation.

None of us will bow down under this vile behaviour, it says more about those who behave this way than anything else.

Individuals, groups and organisation are working for the greater good.

Getting back to where I started, the important bit which is giving support. If anyone would like to join in on our zoom meetings you would be very welcome, just email me and I will send you the link. We have one this Wednesday at 11 am.

Please take care of yourselves and don’t forget you are not alone.



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