“I am full of wonder.”

Some of you will know that I have the privilege to be a member of Gospel Generation Community Choir and I have written before about how it is a life line for me and so many others.

I don’t really know why music and singing is so enabling, but it is.

I write all the time about my belief of turning a negative into a positive, and how, although I have had to face the living bereavement of not being a part of my granddaughters’ life, that as a result I have done things, met people and had some amazing experiences that I would not have done had our estrangement not happened.

I would of course do anything to reverse the situation, but I can’t and so I try to be thankful for everything I do have, and I hold dear all the wonderful family and friends around me.

Last night our choir had the opportunity to support The London Community Gospel Choir in Bristol, with an enthusiastic audience of apparently 500!

I say ‘with’ an audience, because everyone took part, a coming together of so many voices, so many people clapping, so many people dancing and sharing the joy. Bright lights danced above everyones heads, twinkling lights that seemed to dance with the music. All different ages celebrating all that is good in life.

It soon became clear that the request from the sound technician earlier in the afternoon for us to clap quietly was a pointless request!

Gospel music roots are of struggle, hardship and desperation, but always of hope. A belief that things will get better, a faith in something bigger than ourselves, a belief that our voices are listened to, we are not alone.

With everyone taking part last night, it showed that when people get up, participate and become involved it is an enormous force.

A force for good.

I would encourage anyone, whatever your age, whatever your ability to find a choir near you and just go along, I quarentee you will not regret it.

I had no idea at the beginning of 2016 that I would be singing in concerts, getting up at 4am to sing on the Severn Bridge or be singing with the London Community Choir, goodness knows what 2017 will bring!

I would like to thank everyone from Gospel Generation Community Choir for allowing me to warble away, and enormous thanks to Emma,Heather, Naomi, Winston and the band without their hard work none of it would happen.

(The title of the blog comes from one of the songs we sang by Emeli Sande.)




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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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