“I shall be glad when it is over.”

Lots of people I speak to at the moment are looking towards the next  week with dread, imaging times gone by, times when everything seemed perfect. Happy families being together, celebrating Christmas.

It reminds me of when I  was much younger, saying to a work colleague, ‘I shall be glad when it is, the weekend,’ she took me to one side and quietly said, ‘never wish your life away, time is short and we must enjoy everyday.’ As I have grown older I absolutely know what she was saying, my colleague at the time was in her 70’s. She had experienced some terrible times in her life, but was always able to see the good in everything. She made every minute count.

Of course Christmas is always a difficult time for so many but the true story of Christmas wasn’t about commercialisation, or material things, it was about Hope.

Every single one of us can make Christmas special, maybe join up with others on their own, open our homes and hearts to those less fortunate than ourselves. As individuals we can bring light into darkness but we have to be proactive, look outside ourselves.

We are lucky to live in a ‘free’ country where most of us have homes, heat and are safe, there are many millions not so lucky. People caught up in conflict between countries, children being massacred, families going hungry.Familes and friends torn apart.

Yes, we do have sadness and regret in our lives, but we do have the power to make a difference.

I spoke to a grandparent last night and I explained how we support one another, she replied ‘so you just talk,’ well, yes that is exactly what we do, we talk. Sometimes those people we are just talking to, have not spoken to another person for days. To know that you are not alone with whatever you are facing is empowering in itself.

Others tell me that just ‘talking’ has been a life line.

Never underestimate the importance of, just talking.


Christmas will come and go and we will begin a New Year, who knows what next year has in store for any of us, but for me I am just making sure that today I am grateful to be here, to have an amazing family, wonderful friends and the gift of life itself.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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