Round up of 2020

At this time of the year I usually do a round up of the year, but this year has been somewhat different!

So before we all learnt to live a totally different way:

 : Grandparents lunch out at The Windmill.

: Attended Judge Wildblood play ‘Who Cares.’

: Poems being proof read, Paul to do some illustrations

: Erin writing a guest blog, and on private group

: Reading support group, will take us to 14 groups.

: Invited to a conference in Bristol ‘Children in private law.’

: Completed the Q&A for Gransnet.

: Nigel Hiddleston MP now a Minister so taking back seat but will still support the GC rights  agenda.

: Darren Jones MP submitted a written question to PMQ’s got standard reply. He will continue to raise.

: Poems proof read now moving on to next stage.

: Coronavirus. Meetings cancelled for foreseeable future.

: Did interview for Mums/Dads Talk radio in Florida, on Easter Saturday aired on May 14th 1hour 20 mins.

: Interview for Radio Bristol on Easter Monday, all grandparents now estranged from grandchildren due to Covid-19

: BBC Jon Kay contaced re an interview.

: ‘Never Forgotten’ poetry book printed.

: Approached by BOPF to do a talk later in the year.

: Zoom support meetings.

: Interview with ITV.

: Good Egg Safety PA report released. All MP’s sent a copy.

:  Interview with BBC Radio Bristol.

: Interview with local community and hospital radio.

: Christmas cards/ Never Forgotten cards illustrated by Paul David Jackson produced, ‘Tree of Hope’ Artwork commissioned also by Paul David Jackson.

:  Appointed a director of an international charity.

As I am writing this, our ‘Tree of Hope’ Christmas tree is standing proudly in our front garden.This is the tenth year, the messages from parents and grandparents never cease to move me, it is such a privilege to write the messages out and pop them on the tree. In the short dark days it shines out, a tree full of love and hope. It seems to be shining even more brightly this year.

Tomorrow morning we have the last zoom support group meeting of the year, I envisage that meetings will continue this way for some time to come.

We wont be holding face to face support group meetings until everyone has had their vaccines, both doses, and the amount of time after to enable full protection. We wont put anyone at risk.

Even when meetings resume, there will still be a need for zoom meetings to enable us to support grandparents who are unable to access meetings in their area, and for those grandparents who live abroad.

Please take care and keep safe.

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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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