If we don’t have Hope?

I know that when you are going through the awfulness of estrangement/alienation that you can’t ever see that things will get better, but they can and they do.

At BGSG we have always told grandparents to never give up Hope, and we  witness grandparents and grandchildren being reunited all the time. ( I have written Hope with a capital letter on purpose.)

What I find extraordinary is that when I write about reconciliations, most people share the joy, but there are always those who will respond with negativity, shooting down in flames any words of Hope.

I can almost guarantee by now, the names of those who will try to bring the positivity down, do they realise the destruction that does? Or do they care?

I can honestly say that on  our FB group pages, without exception whenever people hear of grandchildren being reunited, there is overwhelming support, even though they are still in the grips of being apart from their precious grandchildren.

It is other social media platforms that the negativity seems to be.

Over Christmas we had a grandparent who had been denied contact for 17 years from her grandchild, reunited. I know this grandparent very well and she has been a member of BGSG since its conception, and to know that has happened is just wonderful, a real miracle. Everyone at BGSG are overjoyed and have revelled in this news, and yet people who don’t know us or the individual can’t seem to find it in their hearts to join the shared joy.

The other end of response to reconciliations is very different.

Grandparents who have been following BGSG for the last 12 years, and those who may have just found us make a point of emailing us or commenting how hearing stories such as this, gives them Hope.

And that is the whole point.

We walk beside grandparents at the most darkest of times, it can be for a few months or for years, we listen to the tears being shed on a daily basis, so to retell a good news story really does make a difference.

We are bombarded by terrible things going on all around us, and it can sometimes feel as though nothing good ever happens, sadly good news doesn’t sell newspapers or make good TV, but for BGSG we will always shout good news from the rooftops, and I am sorry if for some reason, some people find it difficult to be able to rejoice for others good fortune.

If we don’t have any Hope, there is no point of anything.



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Jane setup Bristol Grandparent Support Group in 2007 after a string of incidents led to the loss of contact with her Grand Daughter.

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