“Women who Abuse Men”

Thank you to Channel5 for highlighting male domestic abuse and thank you to all involved. I have added the link at the bottom of blog.

If you haven’t watched it then be prepared for a tough and harrowing watch, of the truth behind male domestic violence.

There will be  times when you want to switch it off, but please watch it  through to  the end, too many of us have experienced issues like this that are raised in the programme, if we switch off we are complicit.

For decades DA has focused on women, and huge amounts of government money has been pumped into  organisations that support  women. Of course women must be protected but so should men.

DA is NOT gender specific.

There are many forms of DA, all are totally unacceptable.

It can be coercive control where a women, literally controls every part of her partners life, be that financial, social, sexual and cutting his family out of his life.

People who say, why don’t they just leave the relationship, don’t fully understand the total control that takes place.

The threat of course is brutal.

If they go against the perpetrators wishes, they run the risk of never seeing their children again, or losing their lives at the hands of these violent females.

Men have suffered DA for decades, they were not taken seriously if they spoke to male friends the response would have probably been somewhat scathing or it would have been laughed at.

Something on the lines of, “Sort yourself out, mate.”

This abuse is insidious, a constant degrading, belittling at every opportunity. Gaslighting, so that  you believe it  is something wrong with you, that you are insane.

DA is  the classic case of inequality, the unequal support for men.

In recent years a few more organisations have been set up to help  and support male DA survivors, and I hope that this programme will enable more men to come forward.

We must make sure that we always listen to both men and women if they try to  talk to  us about something that doesn’t feel right in their relationship, we must not shy away from it.

As women we must also acknowledge that women can be violent toward men.

If you are needing help and support please contact :



Don’t  suffer in silence, you are not alone.




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